Teens & Tweenies Sushi

Teens & Tweenies Sushi £25

Mon 30th May

3pm - 5pm

This is a 2 hour course taking place at ChiChi House.

Students will be shown how to roll Basic maki, Futomaki and Californian rolls with a choice of fillings. There will be a range of vegetables, sashimi grade salmon and tuna*, Foreman and Field smoked salmon along with seaweed and caviar to garnish. Negri and hand rolls are demonstrated later in the class

The Teens & Tweenies Sushi class is a beginners course - suitable for young cooks with a love of Japanese flavours and artisan ingredients. 

(*Chicken can be available if preferred to raw fish)

(Please bring a bottle of water & apron)

Ages : 8 to 14

Limited to 8 spaces