plant based sushi

Plant Based Sushi ( 2021 ) £95

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This is a 3-4 hour course where you will learn how to wash and cook sushi rice, prepare and pickle ginger, and carefully cut vegetables.

You will then be shown how to roll Basic maki, Futomaki and Californian rolls with your choice of fillings. There will be a range of vegetables, cashew cream, tofu and tempeh along with seaweed and vegan caviar to garnish. Carrot Lox to top Negri will be prepared in advance, with a comprehensive talk of how to make at home.  

Fresh wasabi is delivered from Dorset for each student to explore and take home – as well as the produce which is usually enough for two!

The ChiChi Plant Based Sushi class is a beginners course - suitable for cooks of all levels with a love of Japanese flavours and artisan ingredients. 


Limited to 5 spaces